Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Crazy, Scary Stuff

Saw this incredibly accurate meme on Facebook this morning.   It truly has been a crazy-making couple of weeks.   Hurricane Irma hit most of Florida.   The predictions ranged from bad to apocalyptic.  The Carribean (including Puerto Rico) got apocalyptic.   Central Florida got bad.  We actually made out pretty darn well, and given the possibilities, have much to be grateful for.   

Luckily we had plenty of warning.   So were able to lay in the necessary supplies (water, ice, canned foods, etc.).   Our youngest, his fiance, and their roommates rode the storm out here.   They pretty much took over the first floor of our house.   They are all in their 20's now, but we've known them all since they were in their tweens & teens.   I love them all dearly.   They are the perfect house guests (cooking & cleaning up after themselves).   They are also noisy.  Happy noise to be sure, but noisy.   My mother hid in the guestroom, I finished a needed reorg of my office, and Hubby compulsively watched The Weater Channel.   

We survived with none but minimal damage.  The kids went home on Monday (even though they did not get power back until Wednesday), my mother went home on Tuesday when her power came back.  I thought that all was well.  Not so much.

Thursday morning I woke up to an odd message that turned out to be from my Mother's emergency alert.   She had collapsed in her apartment, and was being taken to the hospital.   She had a stroke.  The first 24 hours were pretty scary.   My brother, SIL, & oldest son came from Jax.   Youngest son & our future DIL came as well.   At that point, the situation looked pretty bleak.  We thought we were saying goodbye.   Then, she turned around (YAY!).   In fact, she was moved to rehab last night, and is expected to make a full recovery.   I saw her today.   She is tired, but her spirits are high and she is determined to do what she has to, to be able to move back into her apartment by herself.   As BFF pointed out "She is a tough old bird".

So, with all of the scary drama of the past week, we still have much to be grateful for.

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