Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

Did you have a great Easter?   We did.   There has been so much going on here ar Chez Serenity lately, that a nice quiet family day was just what the doctor ordered.    The boys, of course, are too cool to color eggs but Hubby loves it which makes it fun for me.   We actually did two separate batches of them.

So what has been going on?   T2 (who is rarely ill) got really sick while on a visit to the ex.  The ex's Dr. diagnosed a sinus infection, and gave him antibiotics.   The day he got home, he was feeling much better but by midday the day after, he was feverish, shaking and feeling really ill again.   I took him to his FL Dr, who confirmed sinus & added strep to the diagnoses.   He prescribed an additional antibiotic, which T2 turned out to be allergic to.   Another antibiotic was prescribed.  After two weeks home, his first day back at school, I got a text and call saying that he was dizzy and ill.   Back to the Dr. we went.   It turned out that flying home with the sinus infection had done something unfortunate to his inner ears.   10 days of pregnizone, and another week home, and he was finally back on his feet.    While all of this was going on, we had friends down from NJ,  T2 auditioned for the music program at his college of choice (he did not make it but he will be able to audition again next year),  he got back together with the ex-girlfriend that we moved to FL to get away from, and we spent a couple of days at Disney hanging with NJ friends.   What can I say?  Motherhood is not for sissies.

Knitting is coming along.   I cast on two pairs of socks (Lisa Knits Basic Toe-up 8sts/in).   One in a boring grey for hubby and one in a pretty variegated for me.   I switch back and forth between them, in the hopes of staving off boredom with the added benefit of finishing both pairs at the same time.    My DYOS shawl is coming along.   I have had to rip back more than once.   It is definitely not social knitting as it requires all of my attention.    My easy knitting is the Reunion Cowl by Natalie Selles.   This is a lovely easy pattern, perfect for knitting at the movies and while hanging with friends.

Brave Girls Club
For the last three weeks I have been taking part in the Brave Girls Soul Restoration class.   This course combines mixed media art with introspective, prompted, journaling.   The journaling digs a bit deep and can be uncomfortable but then that is the point, right?   The art projects have been a blast.  I am new to mixed media and paints in particular.   I am LOVING it.

That's it for us.   Hope all is well with you.