Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Can You Hear Her Laughing?

"Sitting here, I am pretty freaking happy".   That is what I said to my BFF just the other day.   She says I should begin and end a novel with that line.   I decided to use it to restart my blog.

I could not tell you when exactly I went from abjectly miserable to "pretty freaking happy".   No doubt it was a process helped along by settling in to, rather than fighting, my life here in FL.   Sitting outside at Starbucks in December while my sister tells me about the next blizzard to hit NJ (aka home).   Knitting on the beach in March is pretty wonderful and friends to do it with can't be beat.

The realization came when Hubby and I started talking about finally moving.   Our oldest is living on campus now and our youngest leaves for college in less than two weeks (I am going to be an empty nester! Be prepared for tears).    We could downsize.   With two kids in college, we could use the extra $'s.

Then it hit us.   We've made friends it would hurt us to leave.   Hubby likes his job and hates change.  I have become (dare I say it?), rather fond of our house.   Did I mention the weather?  So, it was decided, we would stay (at least until the boys are out of school and maybe to Hubby's retirement). 

I would participate in a Cozy Minimalist workshop (at www.Nester.com) to cozy up the place.   We  made a plan to rearrange the secondary bedrooms so that Hubby and I would each have our own office (Niether of the boys plan to come home for the summer and they can share a room for visits).

Surely, you've heard about God's sense of humour.   Can you hear her laughing?   Half way through the Cozy Minimalist thing, Hubby called to tell me that is job will not exist after Jan1st (really?!).   Will he find another posiiton in Jax?   Will he move to his current employer's Orlando headquarters?   Will he find a good position somewhere else (please, let it not be a state without an ocean)?   Jax & Orlando are tied for our first choice, but we will go where the money is (two kids, college?).

The thing is, even with all of this uncertainty, I am still pretty freaking happy.