Monday, May 16, 2011

A mind is a terrible thing to lose...

While I have always loved learning something new, I do not remember it being as much fun as the last few weeks have been.   You may remember my talking about Stefanie Jappel’s (Glampyre Knits) Design Your Own Shawl class.    While I did learn a lot in that class, the shawl I designed, although simple in thought, turns out to be complicated in execution.   Still not finished, I find that I am pulling back only slightly less than I knit.  I gave it (& me) a rest for a  couple of weeks, and worked on it again last night.   I promptly knit a row & a half, noticed that I had picked up in the wrong place in the pattern, tore that back, and knit two rows correctly.   Obviously, I am not giving it the attention it deserves but I am not ready to put it aside permanently.  Despite the angst, it is very pretty.   I will persevere. 

Most of my last six weeks have been focused not on knitting (GASP!), but on art journaling.   I must have thought I would like it or I would not have signed up for the online course (Brave Girls/Soul Restoration1).  However, I did not anticipate loving it to this degree.   Even in my sleep, I am thinking of newer prettier things to do.  I did not even own any paints when I started.  Now I have had to reorganize my studio/office/mom cave to accommodate another beloved craft.   The six week course is almost over but I have already registered for Soul Restoration2 (which will begin on my birthday!) and am looking closely at She Art.  

I have recently taken two ½ day classes at my local quilt shop (Cinnamon’s).  You’ve already seen my wrapped rope tote.   This Saturday it was a locker hook rug class.   The craft is fairly easy and the class was a blast (all thanks to a terrific teacher).    My rug is not very impressive but then I have not gotten much done yet.    Hopefully, it will grow up to be a lovely kitchen rug.    

Today my favorite embroidery designer (Wild Olive) announced a summer class (how cool is that?).   We have been dealing with some stressy things in my family of late and these classes have been an inspiring and productive cave to hide in when the need arises.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warmth is good....

You may have seen this commercial before, but I love it so much that I wanted to share it here.   The first video is the making of this warm & fuzzy (literally) Belgiun commercial for natural gas.  The second, is the commercial itself.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.