Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My little bowl has grown up....

WrapBowl Becomes WrapBag
As so many of you know, I have a thing for bags.   So after admiring my bowl for couple of hours, it was only natural that I should begin to think of ways to make it a tote bag.    I could have added handles right then and there but it would have been a bit small and I had tons of cut fabric left to work with.  After checking my fabric closet with no luck, I pm'd a friend who had offered to share her rope (bowl to bag, must have rope).   To my delighted surprise, she showed up at my house that afternoon with a box of rope.  Bless her and thank the heavens for friends who get it.

WrapBag in Progress
The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent watching Space 2001 (still confusing after all these years), Space 2010 (much easier to understand), and wrapping rope in pretty fabric strips.   My plans to sew on Monday did not work out but I got straight to work on it this morning.

WrapBag as Hat
With the rope already wrapped, the bowl grew to bag proportions very quickly.   Before long, even T2 was impressed enough to take an interest (that is my little darling with my bag on his head).    A quick trip out to Joanne's for purse handles, and the end was near.    After perusing the web for a bit, I decided to attach the handles with strips of fabric covered felt.  Luckily, it worked like a dream.

WrapBag w/Handles
After dinner, I took my new knitting bag outside for some pictures.   Hubby amused himself by taking pictures of me taking pictures (Okay, I admit it.  I think that was really cute of him).

Hubby's Picture of Me Taking Pictures
Why yes we do, in fact, have a flamingo on our front lawn.   This is, after all, Florida.   Sometimes I wonder what our neighbors think when I head out front with a seemingly mundane item and proceed to take 50 pictures of it.  

My New Knitting Bag

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  1. Love love love this bag!! Miss you on Tuesdays :( Jamie W.