Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still Before & a First for Me

My name is Lisa, and I am a Before & After Scarf addict.   Yes this is what it looks like, yet another Before & After Scarf (patternyarn & addendum from Churchmouse Yarn & Tea).  The first (green) is done but not blocked,  the second (pink) waits for beads & blocking, and this one, the third (natural) is in progress.   For the first two, I found matching beads but for this one, I am planning to use blue/green beads).  I have decided that this is what my female friends & family are getting for Christmas largely because I love this pattern and want to keep making them.    There are two more applicable yarn cakes (eggplant & cream) at the bottom of my knitting basket and I know where I can get more (Churchmouse ships very quickly).

Just lately I have found myself in that all two familiar position of having committed to more than I can comfortably get done without feeling like I should be committed.    The less familiar part, is that last week, rather than running myself into the ground, I took a realistic look at what I could do and what I could harmlessly disentangle myself from, and made a few calls.   I didn't read my book group's book this month (no time & little inclination).    I dropped out of a class at church (Plan though I might, I could not find the time to do the required reading).    I even put aside the simple wrap pattern I was creating for our brandy new Prayer/Comfort Shawl group, 

Instead, I choose an existing (free & simple) wrap pattern to get our straight needle knitters started (I can give the circular users my Simple Joys Shawl pattern).   I read a book that my sister recommended  (The Shack) and have been having fun discussing it with her via text.    I got the requested blurb (re: our new prayer/comfort shawl group) for our church newsletter in.  Although, not quite on time (Thank goodness for the patience and understanding of our admin).    Last but not least, I have been working on my Brave Girls Art School projects at my own pace (I am two weeks behind but the class is structured in such a way that, that is not as big a disaster as it feels like).

These schedule adjustments have allowed me to, breath a little, provide moral support to a friend with skin cancer last week, and meet another friend for coffee this morning.    I am feeling pretty good about that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day of Mourning...

“This is the first 9/11 I’ve spent in a state that was not one of the 9/11 states.  It seems to me that people in other parts of the country just don’t get it.  Activities were scheduled at the kid’s schools, a lot of people flew their flags at full mast, fundraisers at work for charities other than veterans/survivors, and no moment of silence observed at work. (This is a company that lost employees on 9/11).

Maybe I’m sensitive because I lived in an area and worked in an industry that was disproportionately affected by 9/11.  Now I live in an area where a lot of people with “Never Forget” bumper stickers have evidently forgotten.”

My hubby wrote this on September 12, 2009.   As far as we can see, not much has changed.   There is an open house at a local high school tonight.    There is no moment of silence scheduled at our son’s school.   The only place I could find full coverage of the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony was on LiveStream.com.   I worry that the day will come when there are so few people who see this day as more than fodder for a pithy bumper sticker, that short of traveling up North, we will be forced to mourn alone.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Before, a Leap of Faith…

OMG, I am addicted to this pattern.    This is my second Linen Bias Scarf and, as I write this, I am sitting in my car waiting for my LYS to open so that I can buy another hank (or three) of Euroflax Sport Wt. Linen so that I can make more.

It is a bit of a leap of faith since I have not even blocked my first one yet, but as I said in my last post (here), Churchmouse produces a pretty darn reliable pattern.

What do I love about this unproven pattern?   Well, first of all, it does not look nearly as bad unblocked as I expected it to given the disclaimer on the pattern.  (my fav barista offered to buy this pink one from me this morning).

This is the perfect handbag/travel knitting.   It is a breeze to knit.  The pattern, and there is just a bit of a pattern, is easy to put down and pick up without losing my place.   Increases & decreases are in the same place every knit row with a purl back.   Consequently a quick look to see whether I am on a knit or purl row, is all it takes to get going again.  Some days, I need knitting to keep me grounded.   This kind of meditative knitting is just what I need.

I live in FL.   While I don’t doubt that the wool version of this scarf is absolutely luscious, it just won’t do here.  

I love how linen gets softer the more you use it.   True it starts out kind of scratchy but with enough love (and washing) it becomes something lovely, light, & soft.