Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day of Mourning...

“This is the first 9/11 I’ve spent in a state that was not one of the 9/11 states.  It seems to me that people in other parts of the country just don’t get it.  Activities were scheduled at the kid’s schools, a lot of people flew their flags at full mast, fundraisers at work for charities other than veterans/survivors, and no moment of silence observed at work. (This is a company that lost employees on 9/11).

Maybe I’m sensitive because I lived in an area and worked in an industry that was disproportionately affected by 9/11.  Now I live in an area where a lot of people with “Never Forget” bumper stickers have evidently forgotten.”

My hubby wrote this on September 12, 2009.   As far as we can see, not much has changed.   There is an open house at a local high school tonight.    There is no moment of silence scheduled at our son’s school.   The only place I could find full coverage of the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony was on LiveStream.com.   I worry that the day will come when there are so few people who see this day as more than fodder for a pithy bumper sticker, that short of traveling up North, we will be forced to mourn alone.

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