Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Phoenix Shawl Flies Again

Find the Phoenix Shawl on Ravelry

A pattern two years in the making. That is when I began to knit the sample, create the charts, and work on the written directions. Then, the Memorial Day before last, our house burned. The boys were out with me, Hubby was in the pool, and the dog came when called. We were (and are) fine.
However, we lost almost everything. Much of what did not burn, was deemed “toxic waste” by the fire marshall. Up in smoke (literally & figuratively) went my computer (No, I did not back up regularly. Yes, I do now.), and, I believed, the first sample.
My written notes and the printed charts survived. So being a good little soldier, I used those to start over. Eventually, I even found the sample (in a grocery bag in my trunk. Don’t ask. I just don’t know.).
So here we are, almost a year after the restart, and it is finally done and for sale on Ravelry.   The Phoenix Shawl, a pattern that rose out of the ashes.