Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Heart Knitting.....

We have had such a lovely holiday weekend.   It started with a great Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's.  He and my SIL sure can cook.   My diabetes diet went right out of the window but, my goodness, what a way to go.   Not only was the food great but when his step-daughter arrived, she, very kindly, gave me a pressure point massage that was just heavenly (and stopped a migraine in it's track).   For all of this and more, I am grateful.

As is our habit, we made a full turkey dinner, at our house, on Black Friday.   Our friend Nancy joined us.  After dinner, while Hubby and the boys watched football, Nancy and I spent a couple of hours in my office sipping coffee and talking crafts.  It was one of those easy, mellow days that feed the soul.  

Saturday, my wonderful Hubby agreed to go to the Christmas in the South show with me (where I bought the necklace, above).    I have never been to this particular craft show before.   It was awesome.   Much more like the shows I used to go to when we lived up North.   We got lots of  pretty and/or unique Christmas gifts for our family & friends.  After the show we did some traditional Xmas shopping and managed to polish off all but one thing on our list.   How is that for a fun and productive day?

Today, Sunday, had its ups and downs.   T1 came home from a weekend visit to the ex.   That is always a good thing.  He is an incredibly competent traveler but I still worry and it is nice to have him home and safe.  On the down side, Hubby left for a week-long business trip.  He does not travel for business often, which is a good thing since we both do better when we are together.  It will be nice to have him home at the end of the week.

Here is hoping you all had a warm & loving Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ooops, I did it again....

Help, I've rediscovered embroidery and I can't stop.    Wild Olive should carry a surgeon general's warning.    Not only have I been working her designs but those same designs have inspired me to come up with some of my own.   I did a set of really cute coasters for the co-op (forgot to take pictures), and a couple of Xmas designs that will eventually be ornaments I can give as presents to our families (just waiting for the right Sizzix die to arrive).

This scarf was begun as a Xmas gift for a dear family.    The pattern is eminently doable, but it does require attention that I can not give it while chatting with friends or, heaven forbid, watching a movie.   With the fine yarn, small needles and 4 false starts (I can be really picky), it has been very slow going.    I even gave serious consideration to ripping it out and running up a simple Shaker Rib scarf instead, but when it came time to do the deed, I could not bring myself to do it (Even barely begun, it looks lovely).   The new plan, is to keep working on it in the hopes of being done in time for his birthday.  Love a plan B.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To the one I love....

Happy Birthday, my love.   Today you are 18 years old.   How can you, my first baby, be standing right here on the cusp of adulthood.    On the one hand, I am so excited and proud for you.   On the other, I am feeling a bit nostalgic for my baby, my big boy, my little man.   I feel unprepared, despite the fact that I spent the last 18 years happily preparing you for this.   I want to give you a hug and send you on your way to take the world by storm.    I want to hug you tight and beg you to never leave.    I am so proud of the fact that you are much better prepared for your pending adulthood than I am.   Protecting and preparing you has been such a big part of who I am – it’s hard to redefine myself and accept that my job will someday be done.    Here is a scary thought for you: will my job ever be done?   Will I ever not feel the need to remind you to be safe and healthy?     Will I ever not want to drop a kiss on your head as I walk by?   It seems unlikely.

Being your mother has been one of the greatest joys of my life.   From the moment you were born, you were mine, and nothing would ever change how I feel about you.   It has been a joy to watch you mature into a generous, kind, & loving young man.  I love talking to you, and am continually impressed by how your mind works.   I am so proud of the man that you are becoming.   Your dedication to fairness and balance give me hope for the future.  May life continue to bring you strength, wisdom, and opportunities.   May you be blessed with lots of love (given & received), good health, & the success you desire.

(((Love You)))

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes....

It all started with an embroidery pattern that caught my eye.    How cute is this, I [heart] Pumpkin Spice Latte, pattern?    I had to have it.   However, once started, it seemed kind of silly to "must have" an embroidery design singing the praises of a drink I have never even tried.   A quick check with MyPlateD (food diary for diabetics) revealed the scary fact that so long as I ordered a short (the smallest size) it would fit just fine in my day.   So, order I did, and it has been down hill (straight to Starbucks) from there.   Now I want one every day.  Not only that but I let the teens taste it and they want one every day too.   Hubby was not amused by a $9 a day trip to Starbucks (yarn he understands but coffee is beyond his ken).   The only solution (besides giving them up and that was not going to happen) was to make them at home.   After trying and altering several recipes (search Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte), we finally hit on a combination that really works.   For those with a similar affliction, here it is:

  • 1 cups 1% milk
  • 1 packet Starbucks Via Decaf 
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 rounded tablespoons of Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin Pie Mix
  • 2 tablespoons of Starbucks Vanilla Syrup  (we use sugar free)
Put  water on to boil.
Combine 1 packet of Via to 1 cup of boiling water.
Stir & set aside.
In a separate sauce pan, combine milk, & pumpkin mix.
Heat pumpkin milk, stirring frequently, until it bubbles & get frothy.
Remove from heat.
Add syrup.
Add coffee.
Pour into a cup, add whipped cream if you like,  & enjoy.
Theoretically, this is a single serving but I usually split it with one of the boys.

This works for us.  I hope you like it too.

P.S. I you would like a copy of this ever so cute pattern, follow the link just below the photo.   If embroidery is your thing, visit the creators blog Wild Olive.   You wont be sorry.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do the Responsible Thing and VOTE!

Please get out there and vote.   I know that many of you feel let down by your respective parties (and for good reason!).    However, some of these races are so close that if you do not vote for someone, you are, functionally, voting for their opponent.    If it matters to you who gets into office, or who does not, do the responsible thing and VOTE.

Climbing off of my soapbox now.