Sunday, October 30, 2011


by Jared Flood
I knit three of these for a homeless shelter in Atlanta.

by Lisa Santoni Cromar
KnitPicks Comfy Sport
I don't remember what I used to edge the socks :-(

by Ann Norling
Crocheted Washcloths 
(my own pattern)

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this pattern.  It was a free Ravelry download that a friend was making for her daughter.   I liked it so much that I decided to make one for myself.
These are three of the four scarves that I think of these as my Quilt Fest scarves 
(I went to Quiltfest and came home with a pretty basket and some yarn).    
These are all variations of a single very simple pattern that are available free from the yarn company.

All blogging evidence to the contrary, a lot has been happening at Chez Serenity of late.   There have been projects finished (above), and others begun (below).  T1 has been having some mysterious health problems, and, in an unrelated event, totaled his car last Friday (he is recovering nicely from a very minor concussion).   Hubby is still loving his new job but it does keep him traveling and, even when he is home, working long hours.   I miss him and, luckily for us, it is mutual.  Two friends are due any minute and another is going through an ugly divorce.  Having my family nearby is lovely in terms of companionship but, does put yet another demand on me (Some days being the "good one" just plain sucks).   After talking about it for years, I finally signed up for a quilting class.   I made one of the scheduled six classes.   The teacher had to postpone the second one.   Then T1 had his accident, which means he will be using my car for school for the foreseeable future (The shop owner was lovely and says that I can just pick right back up the next time she offers a beginner class).   T2 is feeling neglected and rightfully so.    I have had two very timely business opportunities emerge in the last couple of weeks.   One I just plain forgot and the other is, frankly, not looking good.  If only I could pull an extra day out of each week, I might stand a chance.   So that's it, I think.   I am exhausted and slowly losing my mind.

This is a combination of sock yarn leftovers and some mini skeins I found on Etsy.

Mitered Corner Vest (Skacel)

by Jared Flood