Friday, May 15, 2015

Serial Monogamy

I have not stuck to one project in years.   Even my everyday knitting basket always has at least two projects at a time (one simple, one more complicated).   However, an odd bug bit me recently.   I woke up compelled to start something in lace wt yarn.   Theoretically I dont even like lace wt yarn.

After fight it for a day or so, I  gave in and started the Reunion Shrug with some grey Findley Dappled that I had in my stash (earmarked for I don't remember what).   I am so hooked.   Lace is my new favorite wt yarn, and the soon to be finished (focus is a wonderful thing) Reunion Shrug is my new obsession.   It's all I've worked on for a while now,  and now that it is done,  I can't wait to cast on another lace wt project.   Re-yarning my Simple Comforts Wrap in lace is appealing, but I am also attracted to the Ethereal shawl.   Still thinking.