Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Summer Open Cardigan, Flannel Blanket w/Crochet Edging, Roll Brim Baby Hat

First and foremost,  I finally sat down and finished the Summer Open Cardigan.    As you can see, I finally hit on a solution for the pulling problem in front.   However, it is to big for me now and I am losing weight so it will only get bigger.    I am going to try to shrink it in the wash.  If that does not work, I may just pass it on to someone else.

The hat and blanket are for the Co-op.    It seems that there have been requests for more boy colored items.   As the mom of two boys, I can so understand that.    Cute boy stuff is much harder to find than girl stuff.   With that in mind (and because blue is my favorite color), I am focusing my attentions on boy colored items for the time being.    I used Patons Grace for the blanket edging and Knit Picks Comfy Sport for the hat.   I really like the Comfy.   It knits up very neatly and is supper soft to the touch.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Monday....

How could I not love living here?

Lots of little stuff keeping me busy over the last two weeks.   Hence the random nature of this post.
  • Diabetes, good.    It has not been difficult at all sticking to the Diabetes diet.   I know there will come a time when I really just want to toss the whole thing and do what I want but I am not there yet.    In fact, as of Friday morning I have lost 8 #'s.    Just by eating right and not sitting around as much.
  • Finally, I got back to the Summer Open Cardigan.    One sleeve is done, the other half way there.   That and tucking of ends, and I will have a new sweater to wear.
  • For the co-op, I have been making baby blankets out of pretty flannels and then crocheting an edging on them.   They come out very nice but I am going to give a try to knitting an attached edging instead.
  • Finished a couple of good books lately (one read, the other listened to).    Women, Food, & God was very interesting.    I am not sure I agree with all of her conclusions but there were a few things that rang a bell.   I actually listened to it twice through.   It was definitely worth the time.  Eat, Pray, Love was great.   I know I am a bit behind the curve on this one.   I read it now so that I would have something to compare the movie to.    I really liked this book and will likely read others by this author.
  • Our youngest has asked to be home-schooled for just this coming school year (8th grade).   In Florida we have Virtual School which makes the whole process easier (theoretically).    He is very (dare I say, over) responsible and drives himself harder than we would like.   That could make him just the right candidate for this program.    We have conditionally agreed (pending a discussion with his guidance counselor).    I like the idea in theory but am a bit nervous about what the reality will look like.   How do home-schooling moms manage time for themselves?
That's it for now.   Hopefully, my next post will feature a photo of my new sweater :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Does This Ever Happen to You....

Before I get to the question part of the program, let me tell you about my visit with the endocrinologist.   It went great.    He did confirm the diagnoses of diabetes, but said that it is "extremely mild".    Better diet and more activity has already made such a difference that my blood sugar is already in the normal range again.  Consequently, I have no need of meds, and only minimal testing (which, he says, is for my peace of mind).    I just need to keep doing what I am doing.  I am so relieved.

Now to the knitting part of things.   The Summer Open Cardigan is all done except for the (half) sleeves and the Zen Pi shawl is all done except for the last row of the edging.   Sounds good doesn't it?    The only problem is that both projects have been in just this place for two weeks or more.   Now that they are almost done, I have absolutely lost interest in them.   How weird is that?   Does this ever happen to you?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where "Young Girl Knitting" holds my sock....

My appointment with the endocrinologist is not until Monday but, until then, I am operating on the assumption that I do, in fact have diabetes.  With that in mind, I have been using a food tracker, sticking to a diabetes diet (per Diabetes for Dummies) and trying to be more active.  Since I absolutely hate the idea of traditional exercise, I have been making a point of doing things that I like that just happen to burn calories.    

Today, youngest son and I spent the day in St. Augustine.  We walked around for hours, had a dietarily (yes, I know that that is not really a word) correct lunch, and took in the Lightner Museum.   It was wonderful.   

One of the highlights of the Lightner is their music room, where they play different kinds of nickelodeons and music boxes.   It is really nice and, having seen/listened to it many times, never gets old (at least for me).

 Just outside of the music room, there is this statue titled "Young Girl Knitting".    It seems, though, that this little girl has a history.    It is signed "Ella Pollock Bidwell, Florence 1889".  However, no one seems to know who Ella Pollock Bidwell was.   She was obviously a talented sculptress, and there were a lot of  American artists in Italy at the end of the 19th century, but that is all we know.   How odd that her name does not turn up anywhere else.    A search online only turned up this sculpture as part of a Smithsonian inventory.  How could I not love a knitter with a mystery?   

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It has been a hell of a week.   Last week, I saw a new GP because my back was out.  Because I was a new patient and due, he ordered routine blood work.   On Monday I met with him to discuss the results.  Since I was asked to come in I knew something was wrong.  I was sure that the problem was my cholesterol but I was wrong.    The problem is that I have diabetes.   Just, sh*t!   I have been afraid of this for some time.   My brother & sister are both diabetic, we are Hispanic, and I could definitely stand to lose weight.    I am very aware of these risk factors so I try to eat a healthy diet and walk on the beach a few times a week.   Obviously, I should not have been surprised but I was just gob-smacked.    I have made an appointment with my brother's endocrinologist. There is no choice but to deal with this but I am not liking it one little bit.  

In the mean time, in order to work off some of this nervous energy, I decided to move some things around,  While moving something else, I tipped a wrought iron table over onto my foot.   The bruise is spectacular but at least it is not broken.  In fact, once the initial agony passed, it only hurts if I touch it.  What I did do, though, was to re-injure my back.   You heard right, my back is hurt because I dropped a table on my foot.   Yes, indeed, this has been a hell of a week.

At this point I am alternating between simple knitting (my brain is fried) and reading Diabetes For Dummies.