Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Monday....

How could I not love living here?

Lots of little stuff keeping me busy over the last two weeks.   Hence the random nature of this post.
  • Diabetes, good.    It has not been difficult at all sticking to the Diabetes diet.   I know there will come a time when I really just want to toss the whole thing and do what I want but I am not there yet.    In fact, as of Friday morning I have lost 8 #'s.    Just by eating right and not sitting around as much.
  • Finally, I got back to the Summer Open Cardigan.    One sleeve is done, the other half way there.   That and tucking of ends, and I will have a new sweater to wear.
  • For the co-op, I have been making baby blankets out of pretty flannels and then crocheting an edging on them.   They come out very nice but I am going to give a try to knitting an attached edging instead.
  • Finished a couple of good books lately (one read, the other listened to).    Women, Food, & God was very interesting.    I am not sure I agree with all of her conclusions but there were a few things that rang a bell.   I actually listened to it twice through.   It was definitely worth the time.  Eat, Pray, Love was great.   I know I am a bit behind the curve on this one.   I read it now so that I would have something to compare the movie to.    I really liked this book and will likely read others by this author.
  • Our youngest has asked to be home-schooled for just this coming school year (8th grade).   In Florida we have Virtual School which makes the whole process easier (theoretically).    He is very (dare I say, over) responsible and drives himself harder than we would like.   That could make him just the right candidate for this program.    We have conditionally agreed (pending a discussion with his guidance counselor).    I like the idea in theory but am a bit nervous about what the reality will look like.   How do home-schooling moms manage time for themselves?
That's it for now.   Hopefully, my next post will feature a photo of my new sweater :-)

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