Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Summer Open Cardigan, Flannel Blanket w/Crochet Edging, Roll Brim Baby Hat

First and foremost,  I finally sat down and finished the Summer Open Cardigan.    As you can see, I finally hit on a solution for the pulling problem in front.   However, it is to big for me now and I am losing weight so it will only get bigger.    I am going to try to shrink it in the wash.  If that does not work, I may just pass it on to someone else.

The hat and blanket are for the Co-op.    It seems that there have been requests for more boy colored items.   As the mom of two boys, I can so understand that.    Cute boy stuff is much harder to find than girl stuff.   With that in mind (and because blue is my favorite color), I am focusing my attentions on boy colored items for the time being.    I used Patons Grace for the blanket edging and Knit Picks Comfy Sport for the hat.   I really like the Comfy.   It knits up very neatly and is supper soft to the touch.

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