Saturday, August 7, 2010

Accomplishments Good....

What have I accomplished since last we spoke?   The simple Pi shawl is done!  This baby has been on the needles for years (literally).   It has, at different stages, been my movie knitting, vacation knitting, hospital knitting, and my I knit so that I don't kill anyone knitting.   Now, it is my finished knitting.    I am both happy and a bit sad.   Happy because it turned out well and I am feeling accomplished.   Sad (or maybe lost would be a better word) because I am so used to it, that I do not know what I am going to cast on next as my no thought required knitting.   The Josephine shawl looks good but it won't go on nearly as long as the Pi.  Perhaps, only another Pi will do.   I am thinking.

There are also four new baby hats (one already delivered), for the co-op, to my credit.    They are just so cute.   I keep thinking that my boys heads were never that small.   I have several other ideas for things that would work for sale but have yet to light enough of a fire under myself to get started on them.

I have lost 9 pounds and am wearing (well) a sun dress that I could not get into last summer.   I am so glad that I held onto it.    I was 3/10's of a pound away from 10 pounds but BFF Ginny came for a visit and, although, I stayed within my calories, I mostly ate junk.   I can really feel it and it showed in my glucose test this morning.   Back on the straight and narrow for me.

I survived another summer without my oldest (As I think is often the case, I have more separation anxiety than the he does).    He comes home this Wednesday and I cannot wait to go to sleep knowing that all of my chicks are in the nest.

This is being posted from Panera by choice rather than need.  Clearwire, although not great, has been less bad of late.   If you see no pictures, it means that I did not remember to take and post them when I got home.

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  1. I love it. I wonder, if you made an other one. Regards from Switzerland, colette