Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not So Simple Joys

Simple Joys Shawl
Those who stick with me through thick and thin may remember a few weeks (months?) ago, my mentioning that I was working on a simple shawl pattern for the Comfort/Prayer Shawl group that I am facilitating at my church.    Well the body of the shawl has been done for at least three weeks but I am still obsessing over the edging.   Originally, I wanted to go with a simple ruffle edge, but then I started to worry that it would require either one very long circular or multiple lengths of needles (the shorter for the body, the longer for the edge).    This thought process rewarded me with three different edgings that I hated and three different pull outs.   Thank goodness that I am not phased by picking up stitches.   Long time knitters probably already know where I am going with this.    My original vision had a ruffle border and apparently I am not going to be satisfied with anything else.    So I gave it a shot and doubled the stitch count on the 36" needle that I started on.    It is a bit tight but (after the first row) not uncomfortably so.   The Simple Joys Shawl may turn out to be pretty simple after all.