Friday, July 9, 2010

Where "Young Girl Knitting" holds my sock....

My appointment with the endocrinologist is not until Monday but, until then, I am operating on the assumption that I do, in fact have diabetes.  With that in mind, I have been using a food tracker, sticking to a diabetes diet (per Diabetes for Dummies) and trying to be more active.  Since I absolutely hate the idea of traditional exercise, I have been making a point of doing things that I like that just happen to burn calories.    

Today, youngest son and I spent the day in St. Augustine.  We walked around for hours, had a dietarily (yes, I know that that is not really a word) correct lunch, and took in the Lightner Museum.   It was wonderful.   

One of the highlights of the Lightner is their music room, where they play different kinds of nickelodeons and music boxes.   It is really nice and, having seen/listened to it many times, never gets old (at least for me).

 Just outside of the music room, there is this statue titled "Young Girl Knitting".    It seems, though, that this little girl has a history.    It is signed "Ella Pollock Bidwell, Florence 1889".  However, no one seems to know who Ella Pollock Bidwell was.   She was obviously a talented sculptress, and there were a lot of  American artists in Italy at the end of the 19th century, but that is all we know.   How odd that her name does not turn up anywhere else.    A search online only turned up this sculpture as part of a Smithsonian inventory.  How could I not love a knitter with a mystery?   

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