Saturday, July 3, 2010


It has been a hell of a week.   Last week, I saw a new GP because my back was out.  Because I was a new patient and due, he ordered routine blood work.   On Monday I met with him to discuss the results.  Since I was asked to come in I knew something was wrong.  I was sure that the problem was my cholesterol but I was wrong.    The problem is that I have diabetes.   Just, sh*t!   I have been afraid of this for some time.   My brother & sister are both diabetic, we are Hispanic, and I could definitely stand to lose weight.    I am very aware of these risk factors so I try to eat a healthy diet and walk on the beach a few times a week.   Obviously, I should not have been surprised but I was just gob-smacked.    I have made an appointment with my brother's endocrinologist. There is no choice but to deal with this but I am not liking it one little bit.  

In the mean time, in order to work off some of this nervous energy, I decided to move some things around,  While moving something else, I tipped a wrought iron table over onto my foot.   The bruise is spectacular but at least it is not broken.  In fact, once the initial agony passed, it only hurts if I touch it.  What I did do, though, was to re-injure my back.   You heard right, my back is hurt because I dropped a table on my foot.   Yes, indeed, this has been a hell of a week.

At this point I am alternating between simple knitting (my brain is fried) and reading Diabetes For Dummies.

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