Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still Before & a First for Me

My name is Lisa, and I am a Before & After Scarf addict.   Yes this is what it looks like, yet another Before & After Scarf (patternyarn & addendum from Churchmouse Yarn & Tea).  The first (green) is done but not blocked,  the second (pink) waits for beads & blocking, and this one, the third (natural) is in progress.   For the first two, I found matching beads but for this one, I am planning to use blue/green beads).  I have decided that this is what my female friends & family are getting for Christmas largely because I love this pattern and want to keep making them.    There are two more applicable yarn cakes (eggplant & cream) at the bottom of my knitting basket and I know where I can get more (Churchmouse ships very quickly).

Just lately I have found myself in that all two familiar position of having committed to more than I can comfortably get done without feeling like I should be committed.    The less familiar part, is that last week, rather than running myself into the ground, I took a realistic look at what I could do and what I could harmlessly disentangle myself from, and made a few calls.   I didn't read my book group's book this month (no time & little inclination).    I dropped out of a class at church (Plan though I might, I could not find the time to do the required reading).    I even put aside the simple wrap pattern I was creating for our brandy new Prayer/Comfort Shawl group, 

Instead, I choose an existing (free & simple) wrap pattern to get our straight needle knitters started (I can give the circular users my Simple Joys Shawl pattern).   I read a book that my sister recommended  (The Shack) and have been having fun discussing it with her via text.    I got the requested blurb (re: our new prayer/comfort shawl group) for our church newsletter in.  Although, not quite on time (Thank goodness for the patience and understanding of our admin).    Last but not least, I have been working on my Brave Girls Art School projects at my own pace (I am two weeks behind but the class is structured in such a way that, that is not as big a disaster as it feels like).

These schedule adjustments have allowed me to, breath a little, provide moral support to a friend with skin cancer last week, and meet another friend for coffee this morning.    I am feeling pretty good about that.

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