Friday, September 7, 2012

Before, a Leap of Faith…

OMG, I am addicted to this pattern.    This is my second Linen Bias Scarf and, as I write this, I am sitting in my car waiting for my LYS to open so that I can buy another hank (or three) of Euroflax Sport Wt. Linen so that I can make more.

It is a bit of a leap of faith since I have not even blocked my first one yet, but as I said in my last post (here), Churchmouse produces a pretty darn reliable pattern.

What do I love about this unproven pattern?   Well, first of all, it does not look nearly as bad unblocked as I expected it to given the disclaimer on the pattern.  (my fav barista offered to buy this pink one from me this morning).

This is the perfect handbag/travel knitting.   It is a breeze to knit.  The pattern, and there is just a bit of a pattern, is easy to put down and pick up without losing my place.   Increases & decreases are in the same place every knit row with a purl back.   Consequently a quick look to see whether I am on a knit or purl row, is all it takes to get going again.  Some days, I need knitting to keep me grounded.   This kind of meditative knitting is just what I need.

I live in FL.   While I don’t doubt that the wool version of this scarf is absolutely luscious, it just won’t do here.  

I love how linen gets softer the more you use it.   True it starts out kind of scratchy but with enough love (and washing) it becomes something lovely, light, & soft.  

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