Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grumpy/Schizophrenic Knitter

As you can see, I finished the second Dipped Infinity Scarf.   I really love the way it turned out.  That much, at least, I am sure of.    I have, however, run into angst regarding my next project.   My fingers itch to make another Dipped, but I live in FL and, really, how many scarves do I need (maybe just one more?).   Ysolda’s Leisl is high on my want list.   So high, in fact, that I started it twice; once with Sierra Quatro (ridiculously loose once I actually got gauge), and once with Rowan Summer Tweed (too draggy.  I might shoot myself before I finish.).   Oh, did I mention that my Options 10.5 splintered (Fortunately, KnitPicks is wonderful about these things).

Okay, put the sweater on hold while I wait for my KnitPicks order to come (which I can not even place until Friday).    I am counting on a new needle and some Comfy Bulky (yes, I know it has a bit of man- made in it but friendly consensus states that a bit of acrylic keeps the cotton from growing) for  a killer, Sea Foam, Liesl of my very own (I especially like Amy Singer’s).

What to knit until then?  Socks!  Socks are good.   Out comes the beloved Koigu, I cast on both socks, knit a bit on each and start wondering if, perhaps, I might want to start over with a smaller needle (US0).  All of my Koigu socks are knit on US1’s but after knitting the Jitterbug on 1’s, and getting that nice firm fabric, maybe I want to drop down a size for Koigu.   Am I going to do this?  Only time and my mood will tell.

Obviously, I need a comfort project to get me over the hump.   After all, I am still getting over the mother of all sinus infections (can illness and yucky anti-biotics turn one into a grumpy knitter?).   My plan, of the moment, is to knit another Shawl That Jazz (The first one went to an admiring friend).  I cast on with the Summer Tweed (already wound).   Hopefully, it will prove less draggy with in a simple garter stitch.    If not, out will come the Sierra Quatro (also, already wound).   Both the lighter softer Quatro and the more textural Summer Tweed appeal to me (at least until I snarl and change my mind).


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