Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hurt & Offended

We all have people in our lives who insist on sending us internet jokes and/or chain letters.   Like so many, I would rather not receive them, but it is not so big a thing that I am willing to hurt someone's feelings over it.    I give them a quick peruse, on the off chance that I am interested, and end up deleting most of them.   Today, I received a chain letter that was nothing short of a racist diatribe re: Hispanics in the US.    The person who sent it is a member of my Tuesday morning craft group who, up to now, has been very sweet & friendly.    I am appalled that she would condone such a hateful message, never mind passing it on to anyone.   But, here's the kicker, I am Puerto Rican.    What was she thinking?   What am I to think?  How could anything other than offense and hurt feelings come of this?  

The boys think I should have included a link to the Snopes site that debunked this filth, but it doesn't really matter does it?   People who are inclined to think that way, do so regardless of facts and/or feelings.   The thing that hurts the most is that, whether she acknowledges it or not, she thinks that way about me and mine.  Ouch...

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  1. Ouch, indeed (tho' I think you're being kind with that)!

    We don't need racism of any kind in this country. We are one people - all of us.