Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the dust settles...

There once was a Christmas post that was brilliant in it's form and elocution right up until the Google deities ate it.  Now it is all gone.  I will give this another try but, be warned, I am not in nearly so good as mood as I was while typing it the first time.

Christmas here at Chez Serenity was simply wonderful.   It started Friday night when we had my brother & SIL over for a full eat until you burst holiday dinner.    It was one of those evenings when everything goes just right.   My back has been bothering me again, so I took a supervisory roll in the guest prep (i.e. cleaning & cooking).   I have to say that hubby and the boys really stepped up.   The house looked great and dinner was scrumptious.    I am impressed, pleased, & proud of my guys.

Christmas Day was a lovely, comfy, cozy, day.   We got up early to open presents (I got the boys up at 6am!  How is that for role reversal?).   We spent the day, playing with our new toys (Hubby & the boys got Kindles.  I got a new camera), watching Dr. Who, eating leftovers, and hanging out in our PJ’s.  

The ritual opening of presents was a blast.   Hubby & sons were thrilled to receive Kindles (I got mine last year).   My favorite part was watching my boys open their presents.   T1, who since he was little, shakes & smells his presents before announcing that they must be Legos, was stunned and pleased when he realized that for the first time in a long time, his Santa present actually was Legos (In my family only those who believe receive.  Consequently, we never admit to not believing).   Then, when T2 began crowing in delight at his new Kindle, T1 dropped what he was opening to search for the right size box, so that he could confirm that he got one too.   It was just too sweet watching my big guys momentarily revisit to their little guy days.   Actually the most fun item was sent to T1 by the ex.   It was a flying monkey (ala Wizard of Oz).   You shoot it from your fingers like a sling shot while it screams monkey noises.   What a hoot!   I think I played with it more than the boys did.

Hubby is somewhat less effusive than the boys and I (he is, after all, Scottish and a bit reserved) but he assures me that he loved his presents and enjoyed watching me “shriek” with delight at mine.

I can not remember when I have gotten so many perfect presents on a single holiday.   Nothing I received will be returned/exchanged.   Hubby got me a DKNY handbag & wallet that I had petted while we were Xmas shopping.   He went back one night after work so I never saw it coming and was thrilled with my surprise.   I was also shocked to get the Cannon PowerShot that was on my Xmas list.   That and a new sewing machine were my hoped for bit ticket items.   There were no sewing machine size boxes under the tree and T2 had said something that made me think I was not going to get the camera.   Imagine my delighted surprise when I unwrapped it after all.   I spent the rest of the day taking pictures of our tree, hubby and the boys.   Also, under the tree were earrings and a pendent from the Southern Christmas show (turns out there was not really a like for the men’s room), and the cutest goofy sheep from a local artist (“That’s okay honey.  I will wait for the man to wrap your mom’s gift.   You go chat with Jamie”), a lovely dolphin painting (created just for me by a family friend), and the sweetest angel tote bag courtesy of friend, Robin.    Again, I say, I LOVED every last one of my Christmas presents.

May all of your holidays bring you peace, love, & joy.

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