Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Days...

Last week, while Favorite18yo (F18yo) was getting ready for school,  the conversation went like this:

Me:  "What do you think of my going into town today & picking up a Scrabble pendant I saw there last      week."
F18yo:   "duh, I don't know."
Me:  "I was just wondering what you thought about that idea."
F18yo (looking perplexed): "why are you asking me?"
Me (getting frustrated):  "Because you and Dad and [F14yo] went shopping for my birthday presents in town last Saturday".
F18yo: "Oh, I don't know.  I never remember what I pick out.  Most of the time I am as surprised as you are when you open my presents"
Me:  "I guess I won't go then"

Fast forward a week or so.   Hubby, boys and I are in town waiting for the British pirates to sack it (for the 425th time apparently).   Hubby and F14yo are eating ice cream.   F18yo and I are roaming the shops.

Me:   Aren't these Scrabble pendants cute?"
F18yo:  Mm
Me:  "There was one here a couple of weeks ago that said "karma kicks ass".
F18yo:  "haha, cute"

And off we went to meet up with our family and watch our town get sacked, again.

We have had a really happy couple of weeks here at Chez Serenity.    Hubby finished his book, received and returned the proofs,  my brother and his long time SO finally tied the knot, Hubby had a birthday, F18yo graduated from HS, and something that we have been praying very hard for happened (I can't tell you what yet, but soon).   On top of all that, F16yo registers for HS tomorrow, and today is my birthday.

Birthdays here are Chez Serenity follow a pattern and mine did not diverge.   The day started with breakfast and presents in bed (Well, it really started when my brother called at 7am to see if I was awake yet.  A favor I will have to return).   Hubby got me flowers, a balloon, and a Silhouette machine (Yay!).   F16yo presented me with a lovely silver mobius bracelet with the Serentiy Prayer on it.    You've probably already guessed what I found when I opened F18yo's gift.   Yup, there it was, the "karma,..." Scrabble pendent.   I was surprised, happy, and a little worried (he is a really good liar).

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