Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've said it before....

Embroidery Project
It's All in the Details

Mollie Johnson's Wild Olive blog is a warm, welcoming, wonderfully creative spot to spend time in.
Her embroidery designs are fresh and interesting. I am totally hooked.

 Just now, I am taking her "All in the Details" embroidery project course online. The theme for the first week was Bits & Baubles. Back before Xmas, I mentioned that her "I Love Pumpkin Lattes" had inspired me to add embroidery to my creative repertoire (as well as begin my addiction to Starbucks). Well, now she has me adding beads and sequins to my work, and I like it.

 My first finished project for the class is this wreath. The only change I made to her pattern was to use less circles on a smaller wreath form, and to wrap the wreath form in red ribbon (which I had on hand) instead of red fabric (which I did not).  Also, I found the felt a bit floppy, so I hot glued card board to the back to them before attaching them to the wreath (OK so I made a few changes.  You know how I am.).   As you can see, this baby is already hanging on my front door (Yes, I know it needs painting (the door, not the wreath)).


  1. I like the ribbon and the little smile on your star :) I haven't made my wreath yet, I was thinking Halloween or Thanksgiving.

  2. Changes are good! It means that you're creating for yourself, and that's kind of the whole point.

    Looks great!