Monday, August 15, 2011

Caveat Emptor...

It's that time again. I finished my most recent easy/movie/beach knitting project and am in the market for another. I have had it at the back of my mind, that I "need" a simple shawl to wear with everything from a sun dress to jeans + a tank. The Summer Wrap (Mac+Me) fits the bill perfectly (and I already own the pattern). That decided, it was time to pick a yarn. The pattern calls for aran wt cotton (just right for FL) and I want a neutral color. Since nothing in my stash would do, I started shopping. At this point I did something I almost never do. To keep costs down, I went to Michaels to look at their yarn possibilities. LB Organic cotton seemed like a good fit but when I ran the numbers, it was going to cost $90 (since when is "cheap" yarn $8.99 a hank?!). If I am going to spend $100 on yarn it is not going to be "cheap" yarn. I went home, found Blue Sky Alpaca Organic cotton at Webs, and put the called for yardage in my cart. Surprise! The same yardage of this much loved "high end" yarn came to half as much as the other stuff. How can that be? It all comes down to yardage. The BSky hanks had half again as much yarn as the LB yarn. That meant that I needed five $11 hanks (Webs discounts) instead of nine $9 hanks. Let the buyer beware, indeed.
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