Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Too excited to sleep...

Lovin' Knit Yarn Shop and Studio

I got up early this morning.   It's Tuesday in Atlanta and, like the little boy in the Disney comercial, I am was just too excited to sleep.

As usual, the knitting group at the Lovin' Knit was wonderful.  What a wonderful group of women this is.   Even though I only make it once a month (or less), I always feel welcome, and appreciated.   Atlanta, in general, is quite a bit more cosmopolitan than Jacksonville. I am not saying that I would want to trade St. Aug. for Atlanta, but, OMG, this place feeds a part of me that is starving in NE FL.

Do any of you watch "Once Upon a Time"?   I want to knit Emma's baby blanket (WARNING: This site has a very rude name)   for an expecting friend.   There is something very similar on Ravelry that is, in fact, called "Once Upon a Time", but I have not found a yarn I like (not acrylic/modestly priced).  Friend Angie whipped up a version of her own based on screen shots of the relevant episode. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.   I also spent some time staring at the screen shots and have come to the conclusion that the blanket is actually a bunting (you can see seams across the bottom).  The addition of a ribbon trim would make the "Button-up Baby Bunting" on Ravelry a close enough replica.  I was leaning that way (except that I would make it longer and not seam the bottom to make it easier to change diapers).  However, this morning I was a lovely 1x1 rib blanket made from an organic cotton.  I could whip this pretty quickly, just weave in a pink ribbon, and sew on a patch with the babies name.  The kit was sold out  :-( but that might not be a bad thing since the yarn called for was fairly light.  If I can find something similar in a heavier weight, it would knit up faster and would probably resemble the inspiration piece even more (again, I would add ribbon and embroidered patch). Still thinking but I will have to make up my mind pretty if I am to get it done in time.

ETA:  Posting this on Thursday morning since the hotel wireless went to sleep early last night.  Also, this morning, while working on the links for this post, I found a couple more Emma blanket sites, including one with the actual pattern used.

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  1. I know this is a wee bit late.. but the actual pattern for this blanket is on ravelry, posted by the lady who made the one used on Once Upon a Time :)