Monday, February 13, 2012

On a roll...

 I have been trying to get some necessary and/or lingering knitting done so that I can move on the what I think of as work knitting.    With that in mind, I have finished three things in three days.

First is the long lingering “Summer Wrap” by Mac & Me.    I really took my time with this, working on it mostly in church or at the movies.    The pattern was simple but lovely and I loved, loved, loved the Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton yarn.   It has a luscious feel that I have not come across in any other cotton.   I am already thinking of knitting another, bigger, “Shawl That Jazz” with the remaining yarn.   Wrapping myself in this baby will be a delight.

Also, finished are the latest pair of simple socks.   I started them so long ago, that I don;t even remember which yarn I used (not Koigu, not Jitterbug, maybe Claudia Handpaints).    Socks are my emergency/pocketbook knitting so they only get worked on when I don’t have my knitting bag with me (which is not often).    Lisa Knits Simple Toe-up Sock pattern (8sts/in) is my go to sock pattern.   While I do have it on all of my devices, I rarely have to refer to it anymore which really adds to the Zen of the experience.

Last, but not least, I whipped up a quick baby hat for an expecting friend.   I used Ann Norling's Kids Fruit Cap pattern but choose colors that, I hope, made it look more like a flower.    Over the last couple of years I have drastically cut back on KnitPicks yarns (They seem to be trending away from affordable luxury and more towards acrylic/nylon blends.  Not my thing).    However, I still consider their Comfy my go-to baby yarn.   I resisted it at first due to the acrylic content but really it does live up to its name in that it is very soft and comfy.   For  a baby, that and washability are a can’t beat combination.   

As for past & future “work knitting”.   Like so many others, we are really feeling financially pinched these days.   Hubby is much happier at work these days but it took a small pay cut to get him there.   On top of the whooping one he took to move us to FL,  a struggling college freshman, and a rash of trials, we are struggling.   If I can’t find a way to help, we could be in real trouble.   So, I have thrown a couple of knitting irons in the fire and am hoping to put my talents to productive use.   Wish me luck.

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  1. You knit so beautifully! About the only none-rectangular shape thing I can knit is a basic hat. I would love to be able to do socks. The hat looks great. Hope things are going well for you! Take care!