Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Design: The Start of Something Wonderful

Sometimes my design process begins with something I want for myself or someone else.   Unable to find just the right thing, I come up with something on my own.    This time, I am letting myself be inspired by a particular yarn.

So, what do you know about seaweed?  According to my research, it is believed that seaweeds offer a wide range of internal an external health benefits.   Dietary seaweeds can offer all essential minerals the most important of which is iodine.  If dietary seaweed does not excite you, then you may be happy to note that iodine passes readily through the skin and into the body.  Seaweed wraps are said to help with arthritis, eczema, sore muscles, as well as bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility to the wrapee.  Not excited by eating or wrapping?   How about knitting?

I was first introduced to seaweed as a knitting fiber a few years ago when a friend sent me a hank of Handmaidens Yarn Sea Silk.   This luscious yarn (composed of silk and SeaCell, a fiber containing seaweed) called to both my love of odd knitting fibers (remind me to tell you about my crab socks sometime) and my ongoing search for peace and calm.

Theoretically, those knitting and/or wearing a garment with SeaCell in it experience that same feelings of peace and tranquility as the seaweed spa devotee.  Having knit with it, I can tell you that it sure brought me those peaceful feelings.   Was that the seaweed, the knitting, the rich color (sangria), the lovely sheen, the luscious feel, or the good wishes of the friend who sent the gift, I could not tell you.

In any case, I have ordered a single hank in Glacier (the 437yd put-up goes a long way).   Right now I am thinking of a lace (of course) cowl or scarf but reserve the right to go somewhere else with it once I start playing with it.


  1. That's beautiful! I would totally wear that. Love the color!