Monday, April 15, 2013

A Good Yarn

For a good time visit A Good Yarn
After spending a weekend in Sarasota, a friend came home raving about this awesome yarn shop she visited.   This Friday, on our way to Fort Myers for the weekend, Hubby & T2 (T1 had dog duty) graciously acceded to my request that we make a side trip on this purported yarn heaven.

Friend Kerri did not exaggerate in any way.   As soon as I walked into A Good Yarn I was nearly overwhelmed with the eye candy presented by so many luscious colors and textures.   Visually, this is a lovely shop.   The people (staff and customers) were warm and welcoming.    I absolutely love when a shop's staff is knowledgeable and willing to help without hovering.    A Good Yarn hit that balance perfectly.   I know that we all have our favorite yarns.  For me, the offerings were perfect (Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Habu, Claudia Hand-paints, Handmaiden, Louet, Koigu and a lot more).   It was like having all of my favorite NY/NJ/Philly shops in one place.  I want to move to Sarasota.  At the very least we will have to visit my Godmother more often.

I did ask about online ordering and was assured that they are working on a new website (in the mean time you can give them a call to order).   If their online service is as good as their in-person shopping experience,  A Good Yarn could easily become my next go-to knitting source.

In addition to yarn, and needles (a pick up for Kerri), I could not resist another set of Namaste snap bags (they come in a set of three but I am already using two of them in my knitting bag), these really neat stitch markers called "Floops", and a pair of earrings made from sliced knitting needles (I am wearing those right now).   Sadly I got so excited that I forgot to take pictures of the shop itself (the one above is of my purchases).   You will have to pay A Good Yarn a visit to see for yourself just how awesome it is.

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