Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hanging by a thread...

The last two days have been spent dealing with our insurance company (they have been awsome) and interviewing contractors.  This morning we made a decision, this afternoon, we signed contracts, and earlier this evening the process began when our computers were taken away for evaluation (they will either be thoroughly cleaned or deemed non-salvagable and replaced).

We spent a couple of nights in a hotel.  Tonight we moved into a friend's guest room.   Tomorrow I get to go see an apartment.   We have been told that it will take two to three months but to be prepared for five just in case.   I think we will all feel steadier once we are settled in to a new routine and have Jack back with us.

My yarn and fiber has been deemed non-salvagable.  It will be taken, inventoried, and priced.   We will be given the full amount for replacements.   Everyone seems to think I should be thrilled at the process of replacing my stash but I actually have pretty mixed feelings about it.   Some of that yarn is comercial and easily replaced but a fair amount of it is hand spun and/or dyed.   I can get some more but not just the same.   There was yarn in there that were gifts or  bought on vacations or brought to me by my son a souvenier from his travels with his father.   Those balls/hanks/skiens can never be replaced.

On the other hand, this is my chance to fine tune my stash.   There was a time when I bought yarn just because it was pretty or on sale with no real plan for it.  Sometimes that worked out, others not so much.   Then there is the fact that tastes change over time.   What I had to have 5 years ago, may not appeal to me now.     I really only started buying only with a plan after that year I spent knitting out of my stash.   I really am more disearning now.

The only bag I had out with me the day of the fire was my beach knitting bag and Hubby's other sock. I had just started a Mac & Me Summer Skirt, so that is what I have been knitting while we talk, and talk, and talk to the boys, each other, our friends and family, and of course, insurance and clean-up people.

This netbook gets taken away for evaluation tomorrow, but I expect to have my laptop back by Friday (assuming it is deemed salvagable).   Until, I am fully up and running again, I will be blogging from my Fire.  Please forgive any wonkiness.

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