Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Yay, Mother's Day.   If all goes according to plan, I should be enjoying a relaxing day at home as you read this.  Sleeping late, breakfast in bed, presents, Oh please let the day go as planned.

Yesterday, was my mom's turn.   We picked her up and headed to St. Augustine for lunch, shopping and Starbucks. The day went really, really well.   The weather was gorgeous, She loved her presents (a Hurrycane & flowers), enjoyed her lunch at the Columbia, and found a dress she liked while shopping.   We were able to deliver her home fairly early with a smile on her face.  Success, I'll take it.

As you can see, Hubby's sock is coming right along.   Once the heel was done, I measured it against his foot and, YAY!, it is perfect.    Now the leg and ribbing and it's another success for me.


  1. The Columbia in St. Augustine is so beautiful. I really miss that place. St. Augie is my old stomping grounds. Miss the beach...have you ever been to Washington Oaks State Park down A1A towards Palm Coast? It's an awesome place that you really have to see if you haven't. MIss the area so much. So glad I found your blog.

    Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day. :)

    1. The Columbia has been my favorite restaurant for as long as I can remember. We have not gotten to Washington Oaks yet, but we do head down to Crescent Beach and Marineland from time to time.

      Thanks for the good wishes :-)