Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pool Knitting

Pool Knitting

We are settling into our apartment very well.    The boys are surviving a shared room and Jack has, thankfully, adjusted to apartment living with no problems.   Having to walk him rather than just set him loose in the yard is different for all of us but so far, so good.   

I have always like condo/townhouse living, so living in an apartment for a few months suits me just fine.   One of the things I could really get used to is our daily swim in a pool that someone else takes care of.   Hubby swims laps, where I am more likely to get wet and get out.   That means that I have time to kill before we head back home.  As all knitters do, I put this time to good use.

My Amy Butler bag made it back from the cleaners, clean and smelling like nothing (awesome!).  However, I was warned that the process can be tough on some fabrics and that was the case here.   The straps are fraying where they did not used to.   Still, it is plenty fine for a pool knitting bag and that is it's new purpose in life.   It easily holds a light shawl, a couple of dollars (just in case), a Kindle, phone, keys, and....knitting.    

The yarn is a fire survivor (it was in my trunk).   It is I Love Cotton left over from when I still shopped at Hobby Lobby (before they refused give their employees legally mandated health coverage).    It really is a nice yarn and I will miss it when I am all out.   In any case, this yarn is destined to be a Wingspan Shawl.   Which means that what you see above will someday, hopefully, look like this.

This is the third time I made one of these.   Obviously, I really like the pattern.

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