Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knitting Accessories

It is so very awkward that I cannot show you what I am knitting these days.   One thing is for an upcoming pattern.   The original sample went up in smoke, so I am knitting another (actually I am knitting three others).

The other knitting project I am working on is a gift from someone who reads the blog.   Not until it is in her lovely hands, will you guys get to see it.   In fact, no one but my BFF has seen it since I cast-on.   No spoilers allowed.

What I can show you are these very cool, very easy stitch markers.  Every time I see them on Etsy and Pinterest, I think to myself "I can do that", and then I don't.    Well, yesterday I finally did.   Why did I wait so long?   They are super easy.   The rings are "chain mail" rings found at Joanne's.  I bought these "silver" ones along with a package of multi-colored rings.   The beads were "2/0 Czech Glass E beads".   I opened the ring, slid a bead right on, and closed the ring.    I bought jewelry glue but did not use it.   Given time and use, I may change my mind about that.

We are still settling into our house.   In order to make it livable with-in the desired time frame, I not only gave up working on my office but I put every thing I did not know what to do with in there.   On move in day, our house looked lovely (except for my office which looked scary).   I considered taking "before" photos but decided against it.   I don't think I want to remember.    As of today, some order has come to my chaos.   I am actually sitting at my desk typing this and I could be sitting on my love seat knitting if I wanted to.   There are just a few more things to hang (including curtains) and the room will be ready for pictures.

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