Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Happy Days

We spent the weekend before last at SeaWorld (Orlando).   It was awesome.   I know there is a documentary coming out about how bad it is for the Orca's to be kept in captivity.  I know I am going to see it and likely change my tune.   But, for now, OMG what an awesome place.

We went down Friday evening so that we could get an early start on Saturday.

Saturday morning, after riding a couple of the roller coasters (not me, I knit) we met the daughter of a friend for a private behind the scenes tour of the Antarctic exhibit.    Wow!   That was wonderful.   We got to see, and pet, hold penguins.   It was an amazing, once in a lifetime, experience that we are all still talking about.

This was the first time we have gotten their meal plan.   We were given wristbands that allowed "all you can eat" and, more importantly on a hot day, drink throughout the park.   This made it less worrisome to let the boys take off on their own.   I did not have to worry about them having enough to eat or staying well hydrated (a particular concern for T2 who was recovering from an upper respiratory thing).

We did and saw everything, somethings twice.    My favorite part was (and has always been) the dolphins.    I got to see the show, the babies, and feed them both days.   As I texted to a friend on Sunday, "It is impossible to be sad while feeding dolphins".

So today, I am feeling pretty happy about living just a couple of hours away from SeaWorld.

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