Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: Farmer's Markets

Earlier this week, after dropping T2 off at school, I decided to explore the roads behind campus.   Not only did I find the hoped for shortcut to my favorite Panera, but I happened upon a weekly farmer's market.    Just that morning I had been wishing for zucchini walnut muffins and here was my chance to score some locally grown zucchini.   These markets are everywhere down here and I love that.    I get excited every spring when my favorite fruit market pops up with juicy Gerorgia peaches.    Many of the markets have not just produce but ethnic foods, crafts, and the work of our local artists.  As a maker myself, I get a kick out of wearing locally made clothes and jewelry.

I got so excited that I forgot to take pictures.   If I get back there this week, I will take some and add them later.

This is number five, in a the 31 Days of Where I Live blogging challenge    
Each day I will post a thought and/or picture relative to something I like about living in NE Florida.  
You can see the whole list of posts here.

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