Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day1: So, where do I live?

Old City Gates
St. Augustine, FL

I live in St. Augustine, FL, one of the oldest cities in North America.   My mom first brought us here when I was three years old.   I remember it distinctly.   It was a dark and stormy night (no. really, it was).   My mom had been driving all day, and this is where we stopped for the night before continuing on our way from Northern NJ to Cocoa Beach.   After eating dinner, and settling an elderly relative who was traveling with us, my mom took my sister (10) and me (3) out to the only attraction that was still open, The Old Jail.

Did I mention the dark and stormy night?   At one point, I was in the execution chamber with my mom and my sister had gone up a short flight of stairs to see the weapons gallery, when there was a simultaneous burst of thunder and lightening.   We all screamed and ran and right there at the top of the stairs we bounced off of each other like a scene from the Three Stooges.   When the docent (who I swear, looked like a cadaver) came to see what had happened, we, all three, were stilling on the landing laughing like loons.   What can I tell you?  It was love from that moment forward.    For the rest of my childhood I spent every vacation and most school holidays in St. Augustine, FL.

For today, what I most like about living in Florida are the happy childhood memories.

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