Thursday, January 19, 2017

So, knitting and social justice, it’s not a new idea.   There is an excellent article here.  Just type “social justice knitting” into Google and you will find tons of fascinating information about knitters, past and present, stepping up to the social justice plate.

You probably already know that there will be a Women’s March on Washington this Saturday (the day after trump’s inauguration).  However, did you know about the Pussy Hat Project?

I have been knitting these pink hats for weeks.   First, I made some as Christmas gifts for all of my friends who will be at the main Women’s March on Washington.   Then, I felt like knitting more hats, so I made a few to send to the main distribution location in VA (My local yarn shop owner donated yarn for hats once she found out why I wanted pink worsted & heavier when my usual habits run to blue/grey/black lace).  Then, Hubby asked for a hat (I love that guy).   Then, while knitting at a meeting for the sister march in the Orlando.  (There are over 300 sister marches worldwide!), people started asking about hats for our march, so I ordered a bag of pink yarn (cotton, it’s hot where we live), and will bring as many as I can finish by Saturday afternoon.

Please do visit the march website and read the group’s platform, then, if you are thus inclined, join us at a rally.   Every one of like mind is welcome.

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