Monday, November 30, 2009

Not soon enough...

Spring '09
My backyard

Lots of crafty stuff going on here at Chez Serenity. I love to knit, but I have to say, that nothing beats an embroidery machine for whipping up nice, fast, Xmas gifts. I have taken photos but can't show them until after the holidays.

Thanksgiving weekend was not the restful refuge I was hoping for. Dinner at my brothers ended when his step-daughter fell to the ground in her first ever seizure. Very scary for all (not the least, her). The doctors let her leave the hospital last night. They have some ideas but, ultimately, are just not certain what caused it. Friday, I spent some time visiting at the hospital. Got lost coming and going. I swear downtown Jax confuses the heck out of me. Saturday..xmas shopping. repair, xmas shopping, & a movie. I'm pooped.

I am still over-thinking my next project. For now, I have woken up a napping F&F scarf just to keep my hands busy. Thanks to the Yarn Harlot, I have added JoJoLand's Swirl Shawl to my "I want it now" list.

Maybe I could pick up the pattern tomorrow and knit it out of stash (Koigu?) thereby staying firmly on the "no yarn for a year" wagon. The thing is, that I have not been in a yarn store in all of this time. I have a feeling that it will be a lot harder to avoid buying yarn when I am in a yarn store. I will let you know how it works out for me.


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