Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Decision Made...

Not only have a made up my mind about my next project, but I went to my LYS yesterday and left with only the pattern. My "no yarn for a year" plan is still on track.

I have succumbed to the lure of the Swirl Shawl ( After checking it out, it looks like it will be challenging enough to keep me interested, yet not so difficult as to dirve me over the edge. As I do not have the called for yarn (, I hit the shrinking stash and found four lovely hanks of Colinette's Jitterbug ( in Blue Parrot.

My car is at the dealership today so I am house bound. I am actually kind of relieved as it gives me a good excuse to stay home and knit, etc. Last night I cleaned my office (it can get unruly) so that I can get a good start this morning finishing up the last of the embroidered Xmas gifts. Since I hate the noise that the machine makes (I just don't do loud noises), I get it going on a design, leave the room, and return when the noise stops. Today, I will head to the family room, catch up on DVR'd TV, and work on my new shawl. I hope it works out for me.

Yesterday, I taught a knitting class for the first time since moving to FL. I had forgotten how much I love to teach. Thank you friend Nancy for volunteering me.

8 am, have to go the teen up now (a challenging prospect).


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