Thursday, November 12, 2009


Oh my gosh! I am the mom of a 17yo. I was thinking yesterday that I am now older than my mom was when I was a 17yo. Does that make me old? I don't feel that at all. Feeling young or old has never been an issue for me. Really I just feel like me. Wiser certainly, but not necessarily older. Rather than denying my birthdays, I revel in them. Who does not love getting presents?

Anyway, the teen's birthday was fun. His day started with breakfast in bed. There was no school but he had an all day musical rehearsal. By way of a birthday treat we stopped on the ways so that he could pick up his favorite sub (for lunch). We picked him up promptly and went to dinner at his restaurant of choice (Chili's). He seemed to like his presents (which included cash, his favorite). Tomorrow night we celebrate again, with extended family, here at Casa Serenity.

The Cinnamon Bay is done (except for the i-cord pull). Unfortunately, we are getting just a bit of that hurricane that pounded the panhandle. It is just too dreary (wet & cold) to take pictures on the beach. I am hoping that tomorrow or Saturday will be more beach worthy. In the mean time, I am going to go curl up with hot chocolate, a blanket and a good book.


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