Monday, November 9, 2009

Some questions answer themselves...

What to do about the Cinnamon Bay yarn shortage? When told my tale of woe, hubby suggested that I might be over-thinking the whole thing and that I should let myself or him just buy the darn yarn. By not means convinced, but keeping his words in mind, I looked into my local options only to find out that the yarn has been discontinued (Eeek!). What to do? After trying this and that, I finally decided to pull back my last two rows, leaving myself with two full repeats of the lace edging (rather than the called for three). I then knit one row in color B (I had worked the body in stripes) and began to cast off. The picot cast off confused me a bit at first but I eventually figured it out and am now more than half way to the end. At that point, I will work the I-cord pull strap, also in color B. That is assuming that I have enough pink to get the job done. If not, there will no doubt be another round of tears (metaphorically speaking) and grinding of teeth (literally).

We did get to the beach this weekend but I was so taken with the Blue Angels that I forgot to take pictures of them. My bad, I will do better next time.

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