Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What next....

Now that the Cinnamon Bay is done. My creative mind has moved on to what to knit next. I have narrowed it down to three projects that I like and can make out of stash. I will almost certainly make all of them. It is just the order that is in question.


First there is the Liesl by Ysolda Teague. I have seen this baby knit in a few different yarns, in an assortment of sizes. It always looks good. I would probably use Knit Picks Main Line in Blue or KP's CotLin in a soft green.


Next, we have the Colourflow Wrap by Christa Giles. This wrap is knit in a bit tube, and steeked down the middle. The cut ends are unraveled, then knotted to form the fringe. It calls for nine different colors of Koigu but I think I would use four different colors of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. I have nine colors of Koigu but taking one from each colorway would limit what I could do with the remaining hanks. Just picking the colors for this was interesting. At first I thought I could mix yarns but found that, in order to keep dyeing style consistant, I will want to stick with multiple colorways of a single type.


Finally, there is the Kandinsky Kimono by Leigh Radford. I fell in love with this sweater when it first appeared in Interweave Knits, Spring 2002. This was right around the time when it seemed like Mission Falls yarns would be discontinued. With that in mind, I searched around and found all of the colors. Once I had it all, I found myself intimidated by the complexity of the colorwork and put the project away. Now, however, it looks eminently do-able (older, wiser, etc). Plus it would really fit my "jeans, a tank, and a pretty sweater" style.

I am seriously considering casting on for the Kandinsky (for home) and the Colourflow (for the road). This would break my streak of knitting on project at a time (except for socks) but I really can't see myself working on the Kandinsky while I chat with friends over lunch. The hitch with that is that I would need to buy another hank of SuperSock to finish the wrap, which could break my no yarn for a year goal (assuming I finish it before Xmas).

It the meantime, I am working on, machine embroidered and, needle felted, Christmas presents.
I actually had some really nice felted items but I forgot to photograph them before lending them to a friend to use as class samples. I should have them back in a couple of weeks. I will take pictures then.

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