Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nook a Disappointment....

Remember how excited I was when I ordered my Nook? I am somewhat less so now that I have received it. To begin with, I was promised a Nov 30th ship date. Close to that date, I received an email with a new date of Dec 18th and a $10 gift cert by way of an apology. I was disappointed but because they handled the news well, so did I (stuff happens). To my delight, I actually received my Nook this Thursday. I charged it, and turned it on, only to find out that the color, touch screen is only the bottom part. Not what I expected, but even then I was mostly good to go.

So far my favorite part is that I can load the same book on my Nook and on my Blackberry. This really worked out this weekend while we were at Disney. At home and in the car, I could read my book of choice. At Disney, while waiting in lines, I was able to continue reading that same book on my phone. I really like that part.

Unfortunately, there are 12 (so far) pages missing from the Nook version of my book. It skipped from page 146 to page 158 and no amount of going back and forth caused those pages to appear. Oddly, the pages were available on the Blackberry version. Bare in mind that both versions are downloaded from the same B&N Library.

Today, I had the chance to go to a B&N store to check the promised "exclusive in-store content". Unfortunately, I could not access it. The folks at the info desk were wonderful. They worked with me for nearly an hour, trying different things, in the hope that the content would emerge. It did not. Their sample Nook was having no trouble at all. A call to tech support started with a twenty minute (I timed it) wait for a human. Said human had me try this and that, still with no luck. When I gave him my serial number, he said that I had a trial version but not to worry, there will be a software upgrade "soon". "How soon is "soon", I asked. He had no idea, but he was certain that it would be "soon".

I am pretty ticked. I did not agree to, nor did I pay for, a trail version. There is only a 14 day window to return this device. Even with my reservations, I do not want to have to return my new toy. On the other hand, I can not afford to wait very long for problem resolution.

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