Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Knitting & Nook

I have not been able to post pictures of most of what I have been working on because they are gifts. However, these babies are for me. Just a simple pair of toe-up socks, worked on US#1 needles, using Colinette's Jitterbug (I forget the color name and I lost the ball band). Northern FL is starting to get cold days (yes, I know, our cold may not be your cold). Wool socks and clogs are perfect for keeping toes toasty.

The Nook drama goes on. I finally got an answer to my email to tech support. It addressed only the skipped pages, saying that they are aware of the problem and it will be addressed "soon". I tried calling 1-800-The-Book, hoping to get info regarding my not getting the promised in-store content. After 40 minutes on hold, I gave up and drove over to a different B&N than the one I visited on Sunday (closer to where I was meeting Hubby for lunch). Here too, the sample Nooks had said content (today it was an offer for five free books which I was not able to take advantage of). Nothing that Gabe, the very nice CS person, tried, worked. He called their tech support number, only to be told that the person answering the phone did not know what the problem was. Gabe would have to wait "3-5 minutes" to speak to someone in another department. 35 minutes later someone came on the line. After Gabe had to explain what he meant by "exclusive in-store content" (I had to laugh) , he was told that I would have to wait for the software upgrade. When would that happen? This weekend, or maybe February, but definitely "soon"

I am very conflicted about how to handle this. I have until Tuesday to return it. Even then I might have to pay a "re-shelving" fee (even though their product does not work as promised!). All of it's problems (mine and the others I have read about on-line) are software problems. That means that a software update could fix them (but will they?). Given our current financial position, this was a lot of money to spend on a toy. If it works out, fine. But I really do not want to find myself having spend the $'s for something I can not use. And then, there is the tech support which, frankly, sucks.

On the other hand, I can read on it (even though the reading screen is neither a touchscreen nor color, as I was led to believe, it is really quite easy on the eye), it is comfortable to carry around in my handbag and, I love the compatibility with my Blackberry. Good enough? I am still thinking (obsessing really). Tomorrow I will try to load a couple of PDF's. That not working could be a deal breaker.

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