Thursday, December 17, 2009

All's well that ends well...

After much thought, I decided to return the B&N Nook. It is likely that most of it's problems will be resolved via software patches, but, honestly, I did not pay that much money for something that will likely work someday.

Yesterday, I ordered a Kindle2. Today, I went to my local Barnes & Noble and returned the Nook. At first the manager thought he would have to charge me a $26 re-stocking fee. I pointed out that the return policy calls for the fee on "non-defective" units and that since mine required a software "fix" to work properly that made it de-facto "defective". I was ready to fight but I did not have to. He relented quickly and gracefully. Not only did he not charge the re-stocking fee but he refunded the maintenance plan too. There was a moment when it seemed like the computer would only issue a store credit (rather than a credit to my charge card) but he quickly found a way around that and all was well.

Once home, my Kindle was waiting (I went for overnight shipping). It was good to go right out of the box. It was even already registered to my account so the books I bought last night were already loaded and ready to read. I have already cast on for a felted sleeve for it, which I am going to go knit now (while I read my book, of course). :-)

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