Monday, December 21, 2009

That most wonderful time of the year....

Walt Disney World
Magic Kingdom
Taken by Hubby

Christmas is moving right along. The Shopping is done. All Handmade gifts for out-of-towners are finished and mailed. The kids are already out of school. Teen is in NJ with his father (Sad, this is the first time in his life that he has not spent at least part of the holiday with us :-( ). There are still a couple of handmade gifts to finish before the big day but I am not anticipating any problems (famous last words). Today I got up early, made two batches of spritz cookie dough and put them in the refrig. While they cooled, We (tween & I) met Hubby for lunch and brought friend, Nancy her present (I was supposed to take pictures, didn't, sorry). Two grocery stores later, we were back home baking sprintz cookie (one batch with preserves, one with dark choc. kisses). If I can get two batches of Martha Stewart's Pinwheel dough (one choc., one not) done and in the refrig. early, I will even be able to go to craft group.

Wednesday, after delivering cookies and brownies (tween is making those), we are going to buy yarn. I do not know what or where (time will dictate) but even if I end up getting just a ball of kitchen cotton, I will buy yarn. It has been a year. I am very proud of myself. I am done now. I want yarn!

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