Friday, January 8, 2010

Started the year by finishing the knitting...

Check out my new socks! I actually finished three things on New Years Day but because my mind is a sieve, I can only remember two of them. Not only that, but I took pictures of all, and then left my camera at home without loading them onto my computer. I took the photo, above, sitting here at Panera's (What do you think non-knitters think when they see someone taking pictures of their own feet?). Anyway, this is what I remember.

  • Colenette Jitterbug Socks - These are my first pair of socks using this yarn. I think I have finally found a sock yarn I like better than Koigu (not that I don't still love my Koigu). They knitted up like a dream, the colorways are very nice, and I love the way they feel on my feet. Knitted up, they are both soft and firm. I may need to buy more of this on my way home.
  • Reader's Wrap - I started this project for a Sheila's Shawls way back when I worked at Michaels in NJ. Recently unearthed, I decided to finish it and send it out. Unfortunately, there is always a need.
  • Sea Silk Scarf - Actually, I finished this on Christmas morning. Just in time to wear to my brother's holiday celebration (I still don't remember what the New Year's Day thing was. I just remember being proud of myself for finishing three things in one day). This is another forgotten project, recently come to light. The yarn (Handmaiden Sea Silk) was an absolute joy to work with. It has a definite unfinished feel to it but I liked that. After trying a few different needles, I found that it moved best on Lantern Moon straights and Knit Picks Harmonies. It was more than half way done when I re-discovered it. Since it was knit in a simple feather and fan, it was easy to pick up and go.

Recently cast-on, was the Dipped Infinity Scarf. I LOVE this pattern. It is easy to remember and looks really nice. It is meant to be knit with two fingering wt yarns held together, using different colors, with the yarn changes staggered, so that the colors run from dark to light. I am using five different colors of Koigu. I love the way it looks and will finish it but I wish I had gotten more disparate colors. So far, it hardly looks like I am changing colors at all (thank goodness the stitch pattern is so pretty). I am seriously considering sending this one to my sister and making another one for me.

Also cast-on after my finishing frenzy, was the Swirl Shawl (JoJoland). Rather than the called for yarn, I am using Colinette's Jitterbug. I find that, although, I have no trouble keeping track of this pattern at home, it really is not a good choice for social knitting. Consequently, it is coming along slowly. Still, I really love the look (even unblocked) and am looking forward to wearing it.

Thats' it for now. Stay warm.


P.S. Finally added photos on 13Jan09. Still don't remember what the third New Years thing was :-(

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