Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a beginning....

Liesl day1

Did you see the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony?    It was wonderful; beautiful, artistic, compelling and very Canadian.   We loved it.  An unexpected bonus were the performances by my favorite musical artists (Sarah McLachlan, K.D. Lang, and Loreena McKennit).   Hubby and tween stayed up too (teen is visiting the ex this weekend).   A good time was had by all.

Casting on as the Olympic Torch was lit required staying up past midnight.    Not being a night person (I usually go to bed at 9), it was a struggle but I did it.   Still, done in with fatigue, I barely managed to cast-on and knit one row before stumbling off to bed.   I worked on it some more this afternoon while watching speed  skating and will get a little more done tonight while watching Apollo Ono.  

The pattern is proving to be easier this time, which is something of a relief.   I was worried that I might be losing my knitting grip.   The deadline is still a bit daunting but so long as I get more done each day than I did last night, I should be okay.

Keep knitting and don't forget to cheer on your Olympiads.

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