Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin….

Tonight is the night.   The opening ceremony for the Knitting (and other) Olympics begins at 7:15pm (EST).   I am as ready as I can be.    The yarn (KP Comfy Bulky) and needles (KP Options) for my chosen project (Ysolda’s Liesl) are here, and good to go.    It is only a matter of time.

I didn’t actually make it through the last Knitting Olympics (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome stinks) and, I have to admit to doubts about this attempt.    It is not so much the time crunch.   I know that if I find the pattern doable, the sweater will get made.   It is just that, lately, I am having a hard time with things that do not usually challenge me.   This pattern is just one of those things.    I have already cast on and knit a bit, twice, only to find out that I did not like the yarn or understand that pattern.   I am an accomplished knitter.   I have read the Ravelry notes and spoken to a couple of friends who have made it.   It is not hard.    I chose it because it is obviously a challenge to me, but what if I am not up to that challenge.    Maybe I am just having performance jitters.   Surely I will feel better once I get going.

The time approaches, my friends.   Are you ready to cast on?

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